Riverfane is a small town, but a reasonably prosperous one. Mostly farmers, but with its own local mill, blacksmith, weavers, etc., it is small but fully self-sustaining. It might even draw more people to move there, were it just weren’t located in the shadow of the old Riverfane Castle, an old cult’s temple from which the area still gets its name.

Riverfane Manor: The ruler of Riverfane and the surrounding territories is the Baron Gal Luum and his wife. They swear allegiance directly to the capitol, and so long as taxes are paid they are given virtual free-reign of their little corner of the northlands. They are good rulers beloved by their people, who take a strong interest in the day-to-day. They consult the town council for all major decisions, and the people appreciate this unusually strong say in the workings of their Lord and Lady. While the manor is technically not part of the village and sits an hour’s walk away, enough business happens going back and forth that it might as well be.

Flying Unicorn Inn: Riverfane is not located on a strong trade road, but an important enough road that travelers are not an uncommon occurance. The Flying Unicorn Inn is therefore both the local watering hole, restaurant, inn, and news stand, and is rarely without at least one patron at any given hour. It is run by Alica Safewood, the only person in the town proper who has citizenship in the northlands. She owns a slave named Donner, who takes care of most of the hard labor around the house, and provides advice to those needing it.

The Mill: The town mill sits on the river’s edge, and is the second most frequented business after the Inn itself. It is run by Omsph Leaf, a halfing and the only demi-human in the village. He frequents the Inn enough that have have a special chair made just for him that sits higher, and has stairs attached.

The Temple/Sawmill: The sawmill is run by Gala Erre and her family, and contains the town’s official temple, with alters to Laodian, Rephunel, Ishtar, and Ereshkigal. Gala herself is an initiate of Ereshkigal who left the order to marry, but retains good relations with the church and still commands some divine magic. Thus, she also doubles as the town’s healer and undertaker.

The Blacksmith: The blacksmith of Riverfane is Arman Siver. He was once a mercenary, and while his work isn’t fancy, he prides himself on never selling anything he wouldn’t personally have taken into battle. He tends the weapons and armor of the Baron’s soldiers, as well as handling the more mundane needs of the town.

Guardhouse: Riverfane has virtually no crime, and any concerns are handled by the town council. However, enough traveler frequent the town, and enough dangers exist in the wild, that a small armed presence is considered necessary by the Baron. With the troops up north for the war, the guardhouse stands empty, only to be used in an emergency. It contains cells for prisoners and lockers for weapons.


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